Our services  

Executive Team Evaluation and Development    

With the sharp analysis of your current level of efficiency that we provide you can trust that we will find and help you adress the real issues hindering your Executive Team from top performance.       

In our work process we:  

  • Evaluate your current situation using our Top Tier Efficiency Survey and/our in-depth interviews with team members and other important stakeholders. The areas we adress include a commun understanding and commitment to strategy, goal setting and action planning, role clarity, collaboration, structure decision making as well as the issues you as the CEO would like to adress. 
  • Identify key development areas on team level
  • Support you and the team in improving work behaviour

Our interventions range from merely giving you an evaluation and feedback on your current efficiency as an Executive Team to longer Development programmes lasting for up to year where we work in close collaboration with you in order to set all necessary structure and goals in place and help drive change within the organisation - taking both culture, values and people into account.   

CEO coaching   

Our coaches are senior business partners that listen, helps you identify key problems and together with you find the proper solution. We help you quickly solve burning business issues and our focus is to help you create tangible results. We usually need between 6-8 sessions over phone/video and/or face-to face in order to secure a sustainable change for you and your organisation.